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Thread: Woman with abdominal pain radiating to Shoulder

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    Question Woman with abdominal pain radiating to Shoulder

    A 42-year-old woman presents to your office complaining of abdominal
    pain. She describes upper abdominal pain that radiates to her scapula.
    For which of the following is this description classic?

    a. Acute appendicitis
    b. Pancreatitis
    c. Gallbladder disease
    d. Esophageal spasm
    e. Gastroesophageal reflux disease

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    Answer of the case

    The answer is c. The location and radiation
    of pain is often helpful in determining the cause of abdominal pain. Pain
    from an acute appendicitis usually starts in the periumbilical region before
    moving to the right lower quadrant. Pancreatitis generally settles in the
    mid-epigastric region with radiation to the back. Gallbladder pain is typically
    in the epigastric or right upper quadrant and radiates to the scapula.
    Esophageal spasm is often referred higher in the chest. GERD is
    midepigastric and generally does not radiate.

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